An undergrad Viet at University of Toronto and my endless love for food and life .
All the photos are taken by me :)

Tempura shrimp and Katsudon, Tokyo Kitchen, Toronto.  
Lovely little place. I was quite surprised that there were only 3 groups of guests when I came. And two out of three are Japanese, I knew this’d be the “It” place :) 

My only way out during this stressful exam period. Can’t get over the fact that I’m gonna have a three-hour one-question exam on Fri. Horrified! 
 Avocado beignet with fried calamari and guacamole. 
Ici Bistro, Toronto
Whole sea bream ceviche (I finished the fish by myself - along with another side dish, still, pretty proud of it hahaha) - Honestly, not a fan of the Black Hoof but this citric dish surprises me :) 
" The whole-fish ceviche is a stunner: cubes of sea bream spiked with four kinds of citrus, lubricated with ripe avocado, topped with grass-thin fried leeks and served atop the bream’s fried carcass. Don’t be bashful about digging along the backbone for the last morsels." - En Route (Air Canada), Nov 2013
Bar Isabel, Toronto
Seared scallops, cauliflower cream, pancetta, hen of the woods, wood sorrel 
Amazing food. One of my best experience in Toronto, their customer service is incredible as well. Maybe that’s why I put up with the fact that the water was charged.  
Bestellen, Toronto
Smoked Salmon Omelette - Stuffed with goat cheese and capers, served with dill potato salad, greens & sourdough toast. 
Voodoo Child, Toronto 
Sunday Lunch: 
Fish Wrap: Haddock and Japanese tartar sauce
Shrimp and vermcelli with garlic oil and scallion 
Beef tartare with peanut, fish sauce and shrimp chips 
Chantecler, Toronto 
Tsuke-men - Ramen with charcoal pork shoulder, bamboo shoots, canola flower, a seasoned soft-boiled egg, green onion and nori seaweed. The noodles are garnished and served with hot dipping sauce on the side. 
My new addiction for this spring!!! 
Ramen Raijin, Toronto 
Elk Sliders - Bread & butter pickles, mirin galangal glaze, spicy aioli

Union 72, Toronto
Nigiri Sushi: Amberjack, Tuna (otoro and lean), Yellow-Tail, Pine fish, Squid, Salmon, etc. 
Ja Bistro, Toronto
A more worthy dish to try: Rack of Lamb Thailandaise with banana fritter, chili mint, tomato lentil-cumin stew, coconut carrot cardamom chutney. Delicious, but (sigh)…should not have been here to try a meal that costs me another month of eating instant noodles. 
Lee Restaurant, Toronto
Confit de Canard - Traditional duck leg confit with crispy brown skin, served with potato au gratin 
Le Select Bistro
Lunch Tasting Menu 
L’espalier, Boston 
My favourite snack for the cold~~winter